Handmade Treasure Chest $450.00

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.51.21 PMOur hand built chest is made of 100% pressure treated lumber so it’s ready for outdoor use just like your ship. Use it to store outdoor toys, sports stuff, or use it as a planter! Whatever you use it for you’ll love the atmosphere it adds to your Ship. Dimensions 2′ x 4′ x 3′

Crow’s Nest $500.00

IMG_7372The Crow’s Nest is an option on the “Big” Ship and comes standard on the “Ultimate”. It is built on the main 6×6 mast and provides a fun outlook spot for spotting the enemy afar off! It is designed so that only a certain weight limit is able to fit through the entrance. There is a simple ladder entry and the Crow’s Nest is a semi-circle walk around the mast.

50′ Zip Line $550.00 (Add $150.00 for 100′)

DSCN4211The Zip Line is by far one of the coolest extras to add to your “Big” or “Ultimate” ship. The line is anchored to the ship via the 6×6 mast and then wrapped around to the bottom of the ship for strength. It then is run downhill to a location in the yard or elsewhere to provide a nice slope and zippy ride! Your location and natural surroundings will determine the method used to anchor the Zip Line at the end of the ride. Shown here is the “tripod base” method and provides a support to run the line through and on to a ground anchor point. We use 1/4″ steel cable for our Zip Line and use our experience in rigging and outdoor sports to custom design each Zip Line configuration.

Shown at right is the view from the launch pad on the ship itself. The launch pad will be built off the upper deck so that it is in line with the overhead Zip Line. We design the Zip Line so that it is as safe as possible while still providing loads of fun for the kids who are daring enough to take a ride. When anchored to the ship the Zip Line is intended only for children and is recommended for 100 lbs or less. Use of the ship in this configuration by those over 100 lbs can damage the zip line and cause the ship to be unstable. Contact us and we can design a plan to make the Zip Line useable by adults.

Authentic 24″ Wooden Pirate Wheel Upgrade $50.00

IMG_0088Your Big and Medium Ships already come with the 18″ wheel but you can always upgrade to the awesome 24″ authentically cool wood pirate wheel. It features a brass hub and carved spokes with old-world style fitted joints… Every Pirate Ship needs one of these!

Additional Play Accessory $350.00

Dream-Factory-Joshua-019Choose from an additional Slide, Rock Wall, Gang Plank, or come up with your own custom designed idea.

Safety Landing Ladder (Included)

Our original landing ladder system is one example of the innovation that has developed over the last several years on our Pirate Ships. It is designed so that children have a safe tiered step down system from the trap door on the upper deck but still keeps the feel of escaping through a hatch. Our previous escape used only a ladder that went down at an angle straight to the lower deck. Now there is only around 24″ from the upper deck to the next landing and the remaining space is climbed by an additional ladder. That makes it safe and fun!

Gang Plank (Included)

Our Gang Plank is one of the coolest standard features on every Pirate Ship and is built sturdy enough for a 300 lb man to climb! It shows off the very cool and authentic 1 1/2″ Manila rope that makes our ships so unique.