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Special Opportunity for any Pirates in AUSTIN TEXAS!

Pirate Play Ships will be traveling to Austin, TX sometime in the next few months to deliver a Pirate Ship to a family that has moved there from Nashville.  Because we will already be making the trek we are pleased to offer a Pirate Play Ship to anyone with NO TRAVEL FEE!  Any size, any features!  Travel fees to Austin are easily $1200 and you will save this right off the top.  


We only plan to take ONE extra build while we are down and the first person that claims that spot will receive an additional $500 OFF BIG SHIP or $1500 OFF ULTIMATE SHIP!  That's a ridiculous savings for you.


Dont miss out on this killer opportunity to have an Original Pirate Play Ship for a fraction of the everyday cost.

Contact us now to set it up!


Looking for Pirate Building Plans?

The Building Plans are available NOW!  Click HERE