Pirate Hardware Kits

We offer two different Hardware Kits to complement the building plans book.

Deluxe Pirate Hardware & Accessory Kit: $400.00

  • Bolts and Lags
  • 2 HD Swing Seats
  • 1 Trapeze Bar (or Infant Seat)
  • Plastic Climbing Rocks
  • 3’x5′ Pirate Flag
  • 18″ Authentic Wood Pirate Wheel
  • 25′ of 1 1/2″ Manilla Rope

This is perfect for those who would rather not drive around town or surf the web to gather all the items separately and it all comes from the actual suppliers we use to keep your ship Authentic. It would cost you at least $450.00 to buy these items that you will need anyway.

Basic Pirate Hardware Kit $125.00

  • Bolts & Lags
  • 25″ Manilla Rope

This option would mean you’d need to find the other items on your own.


If you’ve been waiting for this one-of-a-kind building plan package your wait is over! At a fraction of the cost of having our crew build your ship, you’ll be on your way to creating this killer structure and you’ll save a ton of loot in the process!
In fact we estimate that the savings for a Big Ship can be as high as $4000.00 by purchasing your own lumber locally, using our plans book and videos, and doing the work yourself!!! That’s Huge! You can also save nearly $3000.00 on the Medium Ship! So if you’re up for a challenge or if you already have the knowledge and time this is a no brainer for you.

Your Cost Breakdown

Let’s face it… you’re wanting to buy plans for two reasons; to save money and to enjoy the experience of building it yourself. Here is a cost breakdown to study and weigh the options:

Estimated Costs:

Big Ship

Lumber: $1200.00
Plans w/Deluxe Kit: $650.00
Add’l Materials/Supplies: $225.00

Total: $2,075.00

Medium Ship

Lumber: $800.00
Plans w/Deluxe Kit: $650.00
Add’l Materials/Supplies: $165.00

Total: $1,615.00

Additional Items Needed

You will find in your plans book a full lumber list for the Big Ship and Medium Ship. You’ll need to get quotes locally and pick up or have your lumber delivered. If you choose the “Deluxe Kit” option along with your plans book there are a few things that you’ll still need to get to be totally ready to build.

The estimated cost of these additional materials and supplies for the Big Ship is $225.00 & Med Ship $165.00.

  • (2) 1/2″ x 24″ Rebar
  • Deck Screws (3″, 2 1/2″, 1 5/8″) and/or Gun Framing Nails, Finish Nails, Siding Nails
  • 8′ or 10′ Wave Slide (8′ for Med, 10′ for Big)
  • (4) Tubes Contstruction Glue
  • Paint, Roller/Nap, Brush
  • Duct Tape

Construction Time Frame

It’s important to know how to plan for the time it will take you to build your own Pirate Ship. The first Pirate Ship we ever built took 2 months! That was the learning process at work and now our crew can build the Big Ship from start to finish in about 2.5 days. That’s quite an improvement.

We’ve developed dozens of techniques and processes over the past 4 years in business. That means we’ve done the hard work so that you can benefit from our knowledge immediately. If you are dedicated to this process your finished product can end up just like the Pirate Ships we build every day… Rigid, Rugged, Unique, Detailed, and just Wicked Awesome!