Do you travel to my state?

Yes, the answer is always YES! We have traveled to almost every state in the U.S. over the past 14 years and don't plan to stop any time soon. We also travel outside the country.

How many days does it typically take to build my Pirate Ship?

Plan on 3-5 days for install by hand on site depending on size, upgrades, and weather conditions.

Where will you get the lumber for my new Pirate Ship?

Lumber will be sourced from a local supplier and delivered as we begin the project.

What kind of lumber do you use?

90% of our projects are built using all pressure treated lumber. For an additional charge (typically 2-3x the lumber cost) we can build with Redwood or Cedar as well as composite decking.

Do I need to have level ground before you come to build my new Pirate Ship?

As long as your space is moderately level we can work with it. We set the ship up on solid concrete blocks and can level the base as we go.

How much space is needed for each Pirate Ship?

We recommend 20’x25’ for the Medium Ship, 25’x30’ for the Big Ship, and 30”x35” for the Ultimate Ship.

What surface is preferred for you to build on?

We can build on any surface but we prefer grass or some solid stable surface that won’t wash away or be a mess if it rains during the build.

Can we change where the attachments like slide and gangplank are oriented on the Ship?

Yes. That’s the advantage of us building by hand on site. If we need to make a change on the fly to better fit your space or needs we will make it happen, typically for no extra charge.

what are the most popular add-ons or upgrades people choose for their pirate ship?

The Tube Slide, Crow's Nest, and Pirates Peak are three very popular upgrades as well as the Monkey Bars and Zip Lines.

How long will my new Pirate Ship last?

We build each and every structure to last as long as you own it. As long as you keep it clean, sealed, and in good repair it should last many years. We have customers who still report that after 8 or 10 years they are still enjoying their Pirate Play Ship.

Do you paint or seal the ship?

We do not. Pressure treated lumber is very wet from the treating process. You need to wait for a couple months depending on your climate for the wood to dry out before sealing or painting.

Do you take credit cards?

We take checks and can take payments via PayPal for a 3% fee.

Where do I go to nominate a deserving child, family, or organization to receive the "pirate give back"?

Click here to fill out the nomination form and to donate to our Give Back Fund.

Will you wear a pirate hat and eye patch while you work, just for fun?


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