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Health and Nutrition

"Eat Like A Pirate"

Up until I was 39 1/2 I did not have a passion for nutrition. I went with the flow and assumed that what was generally accepted was all there was. But when it dawned on me that I was about to turn 40 I decided that enough was enough... it was time to see some physical changes and think about longevity. Years of high intensity exercise and the "Standard American Diet" was giving little to no results and I launched a personal mission to find the answers that would really move the needle for my overall health. 

I needed something big, something drastic, something...I don't know...uncomfortable. 

After a few months of researching I ran across a wildly new (to me) diet approach and I began. The Sunday of Thanksgiving week November 2017 I said to my wife "So, I'm actually going to cut almost all carbs, sugar, and all processed foods out of my life and eat more protein and fats...starting right now... I'm going Keto". What a fantastic time to begin a very low carb eating lifestyle, right? That meant no mashed potatoes, no stuffing, no rolls, no pumpkin pie... yeah it was brutal timing. But, I wanted it to be hard... I needed it to be a sacrifice. After all, I was turning 40... this was a big deal. 

After only 2 weeks I began to feel much different. I started to love learning the science, the biology of the human body, and I learned the history of how we got where we are with a fast food restaurant on every corner. I was officially on the path to getting it. 

Diet/Lifestyle Philosophy 

Two years later I have settled into a Ketogenic / Paleo-type approach. Here are some of the results:

  • Steady, Consistent Energy
  • Predictable Digestion
  • Zero Bloating or Stomach Discomfort
  • Ability To Fast At Will
  • Lean Build, Zero Unwanted Fat
  • No Achy Joints, No Chronic Inflammation
  • Zero Sweet Cravings
  • No Brain-Fog, Clear Efficient Thinking
  • Metabolism Prefers Fat/Ketones as Fuel
  • Too Many More To List

Here are just a few of the practices that I've adopted to achieve these results:

  • I eat real food grown from the earth, that roamed a pasture, or swam in water
  • I stay away from industrial seed oils (Canola, Vegetable, Sunflower, Safflower, Etc)
  • I stay away from sugar-laden, processed, cheap pseudo foods 
  • I eat meat, fish, foul, eggs, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, and lots more
  • I utilize coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil, collagen protein, and a Green Superfood blend
  • I prepare my own meals whenever possible and shun fast food
  • When I'm traveling (building Pirate Ships!) I fast and buy groceries for my "fast food"
  • I look at every food label, every time 
  • I drink 95% water and sometimes full fat milk and almond milk
  • I try to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day
  • I lift heavy things (like a Ship Mast) often and have gotten into sprints 
  • I get plenty of sleep in a cool dark room

I feel confident that this approach is closer to the way our ancestors survived and thrived for thousands of years and it has seriously changed everything for me. I have plenty more to say on this topic and if you would like any guidance or have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or check out my facebook page here and I'll do my best to help out. Below are some of my favorite resources that i'd point you towards to get started and also to dive deep! Good luck! (By the way, I have no official affiliation to any of these folks and do not benefit financially or otherwise from you using these products or purchasing their books). I would strongly caution against anyone paying for nutrition coaching or subscription services. I found all of this information totally free aside from the books I purchased and you can too. And if you do want someone to bounce your questions off or for motivation reach out to someone offering to help without a fee... like me.