Warranty and Liability Disclaimer

Pirate Play Ships, LLC agrees to furnish the materials for the Project and complete the work for the Project in a professional and workmanlike manner. All materials furnished under the Agreement shall be construction grade and meet industry standards.

The liability of Pirate Play Ships, LLC for defective materials or installation is hereby limited to the replacement or correction of the defective material and/or installation, and no other claims or demands whatsoever shall be made upon or allowed against Pirate Play Ships, LLC. The limited warranty provided under this section extends only to the Owner and is not transferable. Pirate Play Ships, LLC makes no other warranties, express or implied, except those expressed in the Agreement. All warranties provided under the Agreement shall terminate one (1) year from the date of completion.

Owner shall indemnify and hold harmless Pirate Play Ships, LLC against any and all loss, claims, actions, causes of action, demands, damages, or costs on account of or in any way growing out of the negligent act or neglect of Pirate Play Ships LLC, it’s employees, or agents in connection with the performance of the Contract.

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Warranty & Liability Disclaimer
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