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    Check out the Ship Sizes we offer along with pricing for each one. Because we build each project by hand on site your Pirate Ship becomes Uniquely Yours!
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    Help us Give Back to a remarkable and deserving child, family, or organization 
    that we plan to surprise with their very own Custom Pirate Ship!
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Plan Yours Now!

Proud to call Nashville, TN home, we pack up and 
travel to your town, city, or island...wherever you live 
We build each structure by hand on site with several rigid and stylish sizes and options to choose from.

Or Build Your Own

If you are looking for an adventure of your own, then you should consider purchasing our Builder's Guide! We have detailed instructions and videos for every step of the process to build your very own Pirate Play Ship!
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Here’s The Process

Step 1

Make A Plan

Contact us and tell us how you want to seriously upgrade the fun in your backyard.
Step 2


We will give you a quote on your dream play structure including materials, labor, and travel fee.
Step 3


We hold your project on the schedule when we receive a deposit (20-25%)
Step 4


We arrive and get to work usually finishing after 3-5 days depending on size and features
Step 5

Set Sail

When we are complete we will square up with the balance and wish you Happy Pirating!

Or Build Your Own

If you are up for your own building challenge and want to take ownership of your own Pirate Ship then consider purchasing our Building Plans. We provide detailed instructions and videos for every step of the process to build your very own authentic Pirate Play Ship.
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Family Owned

One day in the spring of ’08 I decided to build my two boys something awesome in the backyard. As I thought of what to do for the boys, 2 & 4 years old, I came across a little plastic toy pirate ship in their bedroom that had been one of their favorites and knew then that was my goal. Putting to good use a pile of lumber salvaged from a construction job, the ship began to take shape and within a few days started to rise up within a cluster of back yard trees. With my background in construction and carpentry, I added a creative eye as I cut, shaved, measured, and created until, after almost two months, the finished product was ready for the kids …
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View Our Project Gallery!

See our large collection of images from all over the US! Every house we visit, every playground we build is a different story. Different people and different ideas! We build each Play Ship to the specificity of the environment it is in and those it is for.. Check out some of our work!
View Gallery

View Our Project Gallery!

Check out our collection of images from all over the US and beyond. Every home we visit, every play structure we build, and every family or community we meet contributes to the story of Pirate Play Ships. We love to get to know you in your element as we build each structure by hand on site. Each project is a custom-crafted work of art that you will be proud of and that is designed for your specific space and needs.
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