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Building Plans

The time has finally come to introduce our huge upgrade to the way you build your very own Pirate Play Ship! Way back in 2009 we debuted the Plans book that showed you step by step how to build one of our Original Pirate Ships. And we’ve been blown away by how many of you have decided to purchase the plans and tackle your own build over the past many years. Well, it’s 2024 and we’ve come a long ways on the methods and processes to build a Pirate ship by hand. We decided to capture everything we’ve learned from over 16 years of building these awesome structures by filming an entire build… and it’s now ready for primetime! 

This new video content will be available through a subscription model. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign-Up for the Basic or Premium Plan
  • Select whether you prefer One Month Only or Recurring 
  • Once you sign up you’ll gain access to all the video content you need to build the Ultimate, Big, or Medium Pirate Ship
  • On the Basic Plan you’ll gain access to the Materials/Hardware Lists, Accessory Lists, and Quick Reference Guide PDF documents
  • Begin building at your pace and Cancel your Subscription Plan at any time once you’ve finished 
  • Each package will include a consultation period via Phone/Video Chat to help you with real world questions or issues
  • The Premium Plan includes (along with features of the Basic Plan) tricks, tips, and content for building & installing some of our upgrades such as the Pirates Peak, Zip Line, and Monkey Bars. We will constantly be adding killer content to this Premium Access Tier. 
  • Premium Members will also have access to our Full Episode TV Series “The Playship Pirate” & a portion of your monthly fee will be donated to the Give Back Fund. You’ll also have the opportunity to nominate a kid or family who deserves their own pirate ship free of charge. 
  • You can continue to place your order for any of our three Hardware/Accessory Kits right here on the website

With this new approach, building your Pirate Ship is more accessible than ever. With important measurements & notes captioned right on screen throughout, you can simply use your phone or iPad and never have to open a book or document at all.  Remember, this is the only place to get this cutting edge content and there is nowhere else on the web or in the world where you’ll be privy to the most rugged, rigid, and stylish Pirate Ship Plans on the planet. Can’t wait to see your build!


Subscription Plans (Minimum 1 Month)

Basic Plan


  • Access To Standard Video Content
  • Access To Materials List and Reference Guide
  • 30 Min Phone/Video Chat Support Per Month
  • Check Either One Month Or Recurring
  • Cancel Recurring Plan At Any Time

Premium Plan


  • Access To Premium Video Content
  • Access To Materials List and Reference Guides
  • Portion of Fee goes directly into Give Back Fund
  • 60 Min Phone/Video Chat Support Per Month
  • Check Either One Month Or Recurring
  • Cancel Recurring Plan At Any Time

Basic Hardware Kit


The Basic Kit includes the necessary bolts, lags, chain extensions, and other hardware needed for your ship build along with 25’ of the same rope we use on every Authentic Pirate Play Ship. You’ll have to source the other items on your own.

  • Bolts, Lags, Chain, Etc
  • 25’ 1 1/2” Manilla Rope
  • Basic Jolley Roger Flag

Deluxe Hardware Kit


The Deluxe Kit is perfect for those who don't want to mess around hunting each and every piece yourself. We do all the work and you get all hardware and accessory’s needed throughout your build. The Deluxe Kit comes with:

  • Bolts, Lags, Chain, Etc.
  • 25’ 1 1/2” Manilla Rope
  • (2) Swing Seats
  • (1) Trapeze Bar
  • (10) Climbing Rocks
  • (1) Authentic Pirate Play Ships Rugged Outdoor Flag
  • 24" Wood Pirate Wheel
  • 10' Wave Slide (Yellow or Green)
  • We are in love with our new pirate ship! Derek was wonderful to work with from the beginning to the end. He created this beautiful ship to be used for generations. We are so pleased with everything and would highly recommend Pirate Play ships!
    Dawn P
  • Derek and his son knocked it out of the park with our pirate ship. They did an awesome job and we couldn't be happier. Derek is a great builder and even better person! we are so glad we had it done.
    Justin H
  • Derek built us an amazing ship for our backyard space. My kids loved watching the whole process of him building this ship from the ground up. His attention to detail, work ethic, and craftsmanship are unmatched. I would highly recommend having Derek build your backyard fun as soon as possible. My kids play on our set everyday they can. Their friends love coming to play on it too. Now we have a backyard that adults and kids can enjoy. Thanks, Derek!!
    Jacqueline M

DIY Info

Estimated Costs
Additional Items
Construction Time Frame

Potential Savings

If you’ve been waiting for this one-of-a-kind building plan package your wait is over! At a fraction of the cost of having our crew build your ship, you’ll be on your way to creating this killer structure and you’ll save a ton of loot in the process!
In fact we estimate that the savings for a Big Ship can be as high as $5000.00 by purchasing your own lumber locally, using our brand new plans video subscription, and doing the work yourself!!! That’s Huge! You can also save nearly $4000.00 on the Medium Ship and more on the Ultimate. So if you’re up for a challenge or if you already have the knowledge and time this is a no-brainer for you.

Cost Breakdown

Let’s face it… you’re wanting to buy plans for two reasons; to save money and to enjoy the experience of building it yourself. Here is an estimated breakdown to give you an idea of overall costs. Actual materials costs will vary by region:

Ultimate Ship

Lumber: $3500
2 Months Basic Subscription: $198
Deluxe Kit: $900
Additional Materials/Supplies: $400
Total: $4998

Big Ship

Lumber: $2500
2 Months Basic Subscription: $198
Deluxe Kit: $900
Additional Materials/Supplies: $400
Total: $3998

Medium Ship

Lumber: $1500
2 Months Basic Subscription: $198
Deluxe Kit: $900
Additional Materials/Supplies: $300
Total: $2898

What else is needed

You will find in your plans book a full lumber list for the Big Ship and Medium Ship. You’ll need to get quotes locally and pick up or have your lumber delivered. If you choose the “Deluxe Kit” option along with your plans book there are a few things that you’ll still need to get to be totally ready to build.
(2) 1/2″ x 24″ Rebar
Deck Screws (3″, 2 1/2″, 1 5/8″) and/or Gun Framing Nails
Siding Coil Nails
8′ or 10′ Wave Slide (8′ for Med, 10′ for Big and Ultimate)
Black Duct Tape

How long it will take

It’s important to know how to plan for the time it will take you to build your own Pirate Ship. The first Pirate Ship we ever built took 2 months! That was the learning process at work and now our crew can build the Big Ship from start to finish in about 4 days. That’s quite an improvement.

We’ve developed dozens of techniques and processes over the past 16 years in business. That means we’ve done the hard work so that you can benefit from our knowledge immediately. We’ve heard from folks just like you who have built their own Pirate Ship in as little as two weeks when they’ve really gone after it. It’s also taken some others much longer based on time availability and skill level. But each has taken pride in the process.

If you are dedicated to this process your finished product can end up just like the Pirate Ships we build every day… Rigid, Rugged, Unique, Detailed, and just Wicked Awesome!
Purchase Plans

Would You Rather us build it?

We travel and build Pirate Ships all over North America, and love to set sail overseas as well.
*Travel fees apply outside 50 mile radius of Nashville. Contact us for a quote including travel to your area.

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